2 Carpet Cleaning Methods You Can Use to Avoid Over-Saturating Your Carpets


Being one of the first items that guests see when they enter your house, carpets certainly have a big say on how tidy your home is. Proper cleaning goes a long way in prolonging their lifespan and keeping them looking clean and hygienic. Besides the regular dry vacuuming done to remove the loose dirt and debris that settles on carpets over time, wet cleaning is required to get rid of the more stubborn dirt.

27 July 2019

Two situations that require the involvement of professional cleaners


There are some situations that call for the involvement of professional cleaners. If you find yourself in one of the two situations discussed below, you should consider using a cleaning service. You need to clean an old, dilapidated house that is believed to contain asbestos If you need to clean a house that which is very old and dilapidated, and which is believed to contain asbestos, then you should find a cleaner that has a working knowledge of safe asbestos removal procedures (and the qualifications to carry out this type of work) and have them clean the house for you.

25 February 2019