How to Keep Your Office Block Super Clean

Hello! My name is Gerald and I own a large office block which is located in downtown Sydney. I am a very busy businessman so I spend a lot of time in my company offices on the telephone and having meetings. Last year, I noticed that the place was getting a bit untidy and I didn't want my staff to waste time cleaning the place up when they could be making more money for the company. I asked around and found a great cleaning company who now visit my office block twice a week to make sure it is super clean. My staff are much happier and so am I. This blog details the benefits of calling in a professional cleaner.

Avoid These Mistakes When Cleaning Your Clothes


If you want your clothes to last, you need to be careful about how you clean them. The wrong cleaning methods, detergent, or temperature of water can actually do damage to clothes and outright ruin them; on the other hand, the right cleaning methods can prolong the life of fabric and ensure your clothes hold their shape and style over the years. Note a few common mistakes made by many people when it comes to cleaning clothes, and be sure you avoid them yourself so your wardrobe lasts for years.

Water temperature

Hot water can remove more dirt from fibres, but along with the dirt comes the inks and dyes in the fabric. Hot water also reacts with fibres and can cause them to shrink or stretch. Cold water is easier on fabric, but it won't get out tough dirt, like oil-based stains from certain makeup products, food grease and car fluids. If you don't use warm enough water to remove those types of products, they can become permanently embedded in fibres and cause them to get matted down and ruined. Always check the recommended water temperature of any label, or adjust it according to the type of dirt you need to remove from a garment.

The washing machine and dryer

Even if you put delicate garments in a mesh garment bag for washing, note that the agitator of the washer and tumbling action of the dryer can still tug at fabrics. If a label on a garment says hand wash only, never put the piece in the washer or dryer.

Loose or dangerous hardware

Mesh garment bags aren't just for delicates; they can also protect clothes from garments that may have loose or dangerous hardware, like oversized snaps, hooks and other such pieces. Not only can these pieces damage other items in the laundry, but they can also get very warm in the washing machine or dryer and then burn fabric they come into contact with. Use those netted bags for anything that may snag or otherwise damage other items in the wash, not just for delicate pieces.

Dry clean only

When a label says dry clean only, this means dry clean only! Don't think that you can hand wash an item or use laundry soap meant for delicate pieces on a garment that is meant for the dry cleaners; a garment may need dry cleaning so it can be cleaned with the right detergent and without water or heat, to preserve the fabric fibres and keep the piece looking its best.


30 May 2017