How to Keep Your Office Block Super Clean

Hello! My name is Gerald and I own a large office block which is located in downtown Sydney. I am a very busy businessman so I spend a lot of time in my company offices on the telephone and having meetings. Last year, I noticed that the place was getting a bit untidy and I didn't want my staff to waste time cleaning the place up when they could be making more money for the company. I asked around and found a great cleaning company who now visit my office block twice a week to make sure it is super clean. My staff are much happier and so am I. This blog details the benefits of calling in a professional cleaner.

What Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Want you to Know about DIY Cleaners


One of the leading natural DIY projects on social media is carpet cleaning solution. There are various solutions depending on the carpet issue. The key point regarding these cleaning solutions is that most of them are designed for one purpose and small area coverage. Unfortunately, many people try to use these solutions for full carpet cleaning options as an alternative to professional carpet cleaning. Here are some things professional carpet cleaning services would like you to know about the issue with DIY cleaners and why you should use a professional service instead:

Build-Up on Fibers

One of the aspects of DIY carpet cleaning solutions that professional carpet cleaners would like you to know is that these solutions can cause a build-up on fibers. For example, one of the more common ingredients is baking soda. The baking soda may not completely rinse away, especially if you are using a dual solution that uses vinegar and baking soda to create a bubbling effect. Many of these solutions attach to the fibers and cause a hardening on those fibers.

This coats them, which makes it more difficult to clean them later and allows dirt and debris to cling to the fibers more easily, which can break down the fibers. Professional natural carpet cleaning products are designed to clean the carpet, remove the stains, and be rinsed from the fibers of the carpet to prevent breakdown or residue.

Incomplete Directions

When you use a natural DIY carpet cleaning solution from social media, you may not realize that many of these solutions are the recipe only. This means they are incomplete when it comes to directions. You are told how to mix the solution and how to use it, but you may not be told how to remove it completely from the carpet without making the stain worse, smell worse, or breaking down the carpet itself. A professional carpet cleaning service does not leave the clean-up of the product up to you and removes the guesswork of the process as well. When you hire a professional service they will clean the carpet, remove the stains, remove the odors, and dry the carpet either through natural solutions or chemical drying techniques that are safe for your kids and pets.

Harmful Reactions

A professional carpet cleaning service offers cleaning options that fit your needs ranging from natural options to traditional chemical cleaning processes. These are all designed to be used together as part of the cleaning process without causing harmful side effects and reactions. This is not necessarily the case with DIY carpet cleaning solutions. In fact, some of the solutions on social media may cause a gas when mixed together or may have a reaction to carpet cleaning solutions you have previously used that are still embedded in the carpet. This can cause several issues to your lungs and to your environment.

The key aspect of DIY carpet cleaning solutions that professional carpet cleaners want you to know is that you may not have full information regarding the solution. This leaves room for doubt, mistakes and issues that could lead to damaging your health or carpet. Instead, contact your local carpet cleaning professionals for options and pricing that fit your needs.


15 June 2017