How to Keep Your Office Block Super Clean

Hello! My name is Gerald and I own a large office block which is located in downtown Sydney. I am a very busy businessman so I spend a lot of time in my company offices on the telephone and having meetings. Last year, I noticed that the place was getting a bit untidy and I didn't want my staff to waste time cleaning the place up when they could be making more money for the company. I asked around and found a great cleaning company who now visit my office block twice a week to make sure it is super clean. My staff are much happier and so am I. This blog details the benefits of calling in a professional cleaner.

2 Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Cleaning Service For Your End Of Tenancy Bond Clean


Moving home is a stressful but frequently unavoidable event in life. It's a time of change, disruption and increased workload that can often feel overwhelming when you still have to undertake your usual tasks both at home and at work. As well as the dreaded packing and actual removal of all of your possessions from one location to another, if you're moving out of a rental property then you're also faced with the daunting task of cleaning the property.

End of tenancy cleaning, which is often called a bond clean, is not a simple or quick task. Rental tenancy managers are notorious for the almost impossibly high standards they expect from vacating tenants. Many people have dedicated many hours over many days to cleaning their rental property, only to have the tenancy manager deduct large amounts of their rental bond for additional cleaning.

For this reason, it's increasingly popular for vacating tenants to use a professional cleaning service to complete their bond clean. If you're considering this option, then here are two important things you should consider when choosing a cleaning service.

1. You get what you pay for

It's understandable that you may not want to spend a lot of extra money during an already expensive time. However, going for the cheapest quote you can find isn't a smart choice and may end up costing you more in the long run. It's true that you get what you pay for and a cut-price bond clean can often mean an inferior service.

Paying a little bit extra for an experienced and well-regarded cleaning service is worth the added expense. You can be confident that your rental property will be cleaned to the exacting standards of rental managers and you won't lose money when they demand extra cleaning or deduct money from your bond for their own cleaners.

2. Get a price and bond return guarantee

Most reputable bond cleaners will provide you with a price for the complete job instead of an hourly rate. This may seem more expensive than the low hourly rates offered by other cleaners, but it will mean that you won't get hit with an unexpectedly high bill because the cleaner worked slowly or underestimated a number of hours required for the job in the initial quote.

Always choose a cleaning service who also provides you with a bond return guarantee for their services. This means that if the tenancy manager has any problems with the standard of cleanliness of the property, the cleaning service will go back and re-clean until the manager is happy and your bond is returned to you in full.


20 September 2017